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woman Louise du Roure‏‎     PRIVACY FILTER

Married to:

man Claude Vernède‏‎    , son of François Vernède and Louise Charrier‏.
Baptised ‎28 Jul 1747, died ‎23 Nov 1826‎, approximately 79 years. Occupation: Goudsmit (neef van Antoine Charrier), 1st marriage to: Madeleine Mathieu, ‎2nd marriage to: Louise du Roure


woman Anne Thérèse Vernède‏‎    
Born ‎29 Nov 1774, baptised ‎6 Jan 1775 Eglise Reformee, Les Vans, Ardeche (Frankrijk)
man Jaques Amedié Vernède‏    
Born ‎1 Oct 1779, died ‎28 Apr 1852 Als eerste begraven in Joyeuse‎, 72 years